Neuropeptide Quantification

AIT’s technology is exceptionally powerful in the realm of biomedical research. Our D-ID technology can easily handle challenges like low sample volumes and low analyte concentrations. For the first time, there is a technology that can meet the biomedical field’s need for precise quantification and tracking of molecular transformations. The specificity of mass spectrometry eliminates any error or noise from other compounds in the matrix that may have similar chemical or physical properties.

In the study of neuropeptides, there are many challenges that arise from size, concentration, chemical properties, degradation patterns, and small sample volumes. Our technology, D-IDMS and D-SIDMS, eliminates these difficulties. D-IDMS and D-SIDMS yield the most highly precise data available anywhere.

Because these experiments are ongoing, we have not yet published data on this research. If you are interested in learning more about how AIT can assist your research project, please contact us.