Environmental Toxin Detection

Aerial view - freeways of LAAnthropogenic sources introduce dangerous compounds into our air, food, water, consumer products, and homes. In previous projects, we created and optimized methods for accurately measuring many hazardous carcinogens and toxins originating from many commercial practices.

Our core technologies, D-IDMS and D-SIDMS, provide measurements that are critical for:

  • Assessing environmental impact of industry
  • Evaluating effectiveness of abatement or remediation strategies
  • Determining local pollution levels from industrial processes such as farming, hydraulic fracturing, and petrochemical processes
  • Testing water to measure contaminants and identification of their sources

Detection of these contaminants is equally important for the consumers. Analyses of soil samples before purchasing land will determine if the land is safe, whether it is raising crops on a farm or a family in a home.

Our long-term goal for these tests is twofold: help companies and consumers remove the hazardous chemicals contaminating the environment, and find practical toxin-reduction solutions for industrial processes that contribute to pollution. The first step to remove theseĀ pollutantsĀ is identifying and quantifying them. The second step is abatement and process optimization. We can help at every step of the way.

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