Life-course environmental exposure as causal factor of disease

As the prevalence of chronic childhood diseases continues to rise, the role of environmental contaminants is becoming more apparent. Through our collaboration with a team of pediatricians and researchers, we are working to understand the full impact of children’s and mothers’ exposure to toxins.

AIT’s own research supports accumulating medical literature suggesting that toxin exposure anytime from preconception to infancy can detrimentally impair development. Exposure to toxic agents, primarily heavy metals and persistent organic pollutants (POPs), are believed to play a role in development of many childhood diseases. Many of these toxins are becoming increasingly common in processed dietary supplements. Generally, these toxin appear in trace amounts that have little effect on adults. However, for women during pregnancy and breastfeeding, these toxins are transferred to the child, where they can lead to serious health consequences and irreversible disorders.

Through a four-year multi-institute research collaboration, we have developed a targeted array of screening tests that assess body toxin burden as well as monitor mothers’ diet and environment. AIT will shortly release these screening tests in the US for caregivers, wellness experts, and the general public. Contact us to discuss how AIT’s screening tests can help you.