Isotopically Labeled Products

The accuracy of our technology depends on the maintaining the highest precision when creating isotopically manipulated spikes. The software we provide to each customer uses the specific isotope concentration of the spike batch they are using.

If you need to order a refill of isotopically labeled spikes, please contact us. A representative will work with you to provide more of the isotope, as well as the updated software that accompanies it.


i-Spike sample collection tubes contain isotopic spikes relevant to the experiment. The sample is immediately introduced to the spike, creating the isotope dilution necessary for analysis. This method is the only one that can track transformations of the analyte between sample collection and experiment. We can thereby calculate the precise amount of the analyte at the time of collection.

Isotopically Enriched Standards

Although the slight variance in isotopic batches is acceptable in most standard measurement techniques, such variance would make our method ineffective. Our software is calibrated to the exact concentration of each batch of isotopes we produce, ensuring the highest precision in quantification.