Applied Isotope Technologies, Inc. (AIT) was established in 2003 by scientists and business professionals committed to applying their innovations in the metrology field to solve real-world problems. Since then, AIT has made a name for itself by creating its transformational D-ID technology to meet the growing need of industrial, medical, and academic communities for accuracy in speciated measurement and sub-trace measurement.

Our environmental and biological analyses achieve levels of precision unrivaled by any other existing company or method. We are proud that AIT products and services play a critical role in many fields and industries by providing drastically improved accuracy, sensitivity, and convenience in measurement.

Our patented D-IDMS and D-SIDMS technologies identify and accurately measures complex, speciated chemical structures at sub-trace levels. We are confident that this innovation will continue to empower researchers in many areas and industries. If you have questions about how our D-ID technologies can apply to your industry or discipline, please don’t hesitate to contact us.