Food & Supplement Toxin Analysis

Monitoring diet is an easy way to reduce intake of toxic agents in the body. With today’s widespread use of pesticides and industrial food manufacturing processes, it is increasingly common to find hazardous contaminants at toxic levels in our food.

This undesirable phenomenon is occurring in many commercialized food industries.

One of our projects is a comprehensive analysis of different multivitamin supplements. We tested multivitamins from many of the largest supplement producers. Using our D-IDMS and D-SIDMS technology, we found that almost every supplement line contained at least one hazardous contaminant in toxic levels, including chromium (VI), arsenic, mercury, and aluminum.

We have successfully helped eliminate contaminants from numerous supplement product lines. We welcome additional partnerships with supplement companies and the opportunity to help improve product safety.

Please contact us to find out more about how we can help create safer supplements and consumables.