D-ID Technology

As the need for robust science increases, traditional measurement technologies are becoming obsolete. Most assays introduce many avoidable sources of error, have large error ratios, and are quantified comparatively.

Direct Isotope Dilution (D-ID) Technology

We have invented the most powerful quantification technique on the planet. The US government has deemed D-IDMS and D-SIDMS the “legally-defensible quantification technique,” and it has become the adopted standard throughout the US, Europe, and many other countries.

Utilizing our Direct Isotope Dilution (D-ID) technologies, our mass spectrometry technique is the most powerful analytical chemistry technique for several reasons:

  1. We have eliminated calibration curves, allowing for definitive (not comparative) quantification and eliminating most sources of error.
  2. Our detection limit in the parts-per-trillion range, and maintains accurate quantification.
  3. Outperforming the ±30% accuracy range of traditional methods, our accuracy range is less below ±3%.
  4. Using our speciated isotope dilution method, we can accurately quantify target analyte species and total analyte levels simultaneously.
  5. By isotopically spiking samples at the time of collection, we can track and mathematically correct for analyte transformation and degradation of analytes that occurs during sample preparation, shipping, and testing.

We compared the results of our D-ID technology with two alternatives: 1) a commercial lab, which provide results as a single data point without error ratios and 2) the standard mass spectrometry method, which uses error-prone calibration curves.

Our method is the only one that provides the correct answer. Our error ratio was far smaller than standard alternative methods. Time and time again, AIT’s technology is used as the gold standard which can definitively validate or invalidate the results produced by other quantification techniques.

Accuracy Matters™